The Summit

About The Summit School of Protocol

The Summit School of Protocol works with all clients to develop Etiquette and Protocol Programs that are customized to their specific needs. Accordingly, we are available to provide private consultations, in-house training, conventions and association meetings, weekend retreats and spouse programs.

All business professionals can benefit from the Business Etiquette Training Program – college graduates to senior executives, employees with large, multi-national corporations to solo-owner entrepreneurs.

The Summit provides guidance to Children as they develop and master “Life Skills” that they will use through-out their lives. As they progress in each of the syllabus modules from the small children age 3 to 5, and K-12 students, their confidence will build to maturity enabling them to maximize their potential. These leaders of tomorrow will receive a special menu of Etiquette and Protocol that will empower them with self-confidence, respect, and polish as they become adults.

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