Adult Classes

Custom Designed Etiquette and Protocol Classes for Private or Group Sessions

• The Telephone

• Email Etiquette

• Professional Dress

• The Face

• Posture – Nutrition – Exercise

• A Successful Business Lunch

• Afternoon Tea


Presence, Polish and Power – Our One Day Business Etiquette Seminar

The latest statistics show that many times the decision to do business with a company is made within the first two to three minutes of the initial meeting. Appearance, Body Language, Presentation Skills and Business Etiquette are key factors which impact bottom-line success. People skills send a strong message that determines what others think of you.

The Summit has created a unique one-day personal enhancement seminar, which will give you the Presence, Polish and Power you need to become your best. The One-Day Eight Hour Presentation is held each quarter. People from different companies and industries come together and share their own particular culture. This experience creates additional value and scope. This One-Day Seminar, created for 12 participants, can be customized to fit a range of specific needs.


The Components of the Seminar

• Self-Presentation

• Business Stationery for Men & Women

• Effective Networking

• Dining Skills

• Five Course Lunch

• Professional Dress for Men & Women


Achieve the Highest Level of
Personal Excellence at
The Summit School of Protocol